Skardu Is One The Best Tourist Spots In The World

Due to its bad reputation Pakistan might not be a preferred tourist place for many people. But this does not means this country does not have any good tourist attraction. In this country so many places are there that can be one of the best tourist spots in the world and Skardu is one of such places. Talking about Skardu, it is a very beautiful district in Pakistan and nature showed all of its love on this district.

The history of this district is older than 500 years and this place is famous for so many tourist attractions. Here, tourist can do the trekking, they can relax in the nature and they can have different kind of fun with their friends or loved ones. The atmosphere and other factors are also make it a calm and exciting place for travel and you can enjoy the travelling in this city at any time of the year.


Bahawalpur - A City Of Vast History And Cultural Significance

Bahawalpur city is located in southeast of Punjab in Pakistan. This city is situated just near the famous Sutlej river. It is also the 12th biggest city in Pakistan. Bahawalpur also includes the two palaces of the rulers, Gulzar Mahal and Nur Mahal.

The city also includes a museum, a library, a zoological garden and some hospitals. Leaving behind the history, the city has gone through lots of development in the recent times and has turned into a Mega city. It includes markets, parks, institutions as well as other facilities. The city zoo is one of the popular place among the tourists.

Bahawalpur also includes one of the natural safari parks, Lal Suhanra National Park, among a few that exists in Pakistan. Since this city was the place of Nawabs and other rulers, it holds a special place of being a popular tourist attraction.

Apart from these, this place is famous for its carpets, pottery and embroidery. There are various shopping areas available for tourists such as Machli Bazaar, Shahi Bazaar, along with some shopping malls.

Enjoy your travel in pakistan


Do You Want A Good City? Muzaffarabad Is The City To Be

Do You Want a Good city? Muzaffarabad Is The City To Be.Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) reaches out from the fields of Punjab close Jhelum up through Mangla Lake to the foot slopes of the Himalayas, and north to the mountains 6000-20000 feet above ocean level. It is depleted by three noteworthy waterways the Jhelum, the Neelum and the Poonch. The valleys are green and lush.

Muzaffarabad, arranged at the juncture of Neelum streams. This city is situate Jhelum and Neelum waterways. It is 138 kilometers Islamabad and around 76 kilometers from Muzaffarabad" (significance Muzaffar's Town) originates from the (a Muslim leader This city can be come to effectively by street from Amid this wonderful outing one can get the opportunity to see and appreciate the common surroundings of the area. Transports and minibusses make the grand adventure consistently from Islamabad (4-5 hours). In case you're self-driving, the course by means of Murree is likely the fastest.Muzaffarabad is a great destination for trekking devotees. There are various trekking trails that pass exhaustive some astounding picturesque spots in Muzaffarabad. Muzaffarabad has various delightful landmarks, ranches and parks.Atmosphere:

The atmosphere of Muzaffarabad is for the most part charming. The summers are gentle while the winters are nippy with snowfall. The perfect time to visit the city is amid the fall season when the skies are clear and the climate condition magnificent. Muzaffarabad is loaded with untainted regions which add to the appeal of the spot. The Neelum waterway assumes an overwhelming part River close Domail.

In sum,On your vehicle you require 40-50 minutes to reach Murree. At that point 2 hours to achieve Koala Bridge and 30 minutes to reach Muzaffarabad. More or less its 3 and half hours on you claim auto. You can receive the course Islamabad - Abbottabad - Mansehra - Gari Habibullah - Muzaffabad too. It is at a separation of around 76 kilometers from Abbottabad and the city.

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